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November 04 2014

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Different Types of Solar Panels


Solar panels are devices meant to absorb energy from the sun's rays for storage or immediate use. There exist different solar panels, and these are such as photovoltaic modules and solar thermal collectors. Photovoltaic modules are usually meant to convert the energy of the sun into electrical energy to make sure that things such as cars, computers and lights are powered. The energy of the sun is usually absorbed as heat by solar thermal collectors, which heat water that can be used for showers or for heating different types of structures. The collection of different solar cells is what makes up the first kind of solar panel, which is the photovoltaic module. Most solar cells comprise of photovoltaic array or solar array. Solar cells are usually combined into single solar panels for easy use as well as economy of scale. When they are combined into manageable panels, they will be easy to not only install but also transport and the different electronics that can be used to process them will be shared by the solar cells.


The most common types of solar panels of the site at http://www.solarwyse.ca use crystalline silicon in the form of wafers or thin films made up of cadmium telluride or silicon. Part of the light energy is usually absorbed into the semiconductor when the light hits the solar panels, which make it up and knocks electrons free. These electrons will be forced into one direction to create current and they can converted and concerted to be used to power the devices that you want.


Discovery and innovation is currently underway to unlock the power of a solar panel. One of the main concerns about solar panels is how to get a lot of renewable energy ontario from the smallest area. Solar panels are not only expensive but also require a lot of space. These need to be financially economical to ensure that they are worth installing instead of grabbing power off grids. Consumer solar panels come with an efficiency of about 5% to 18% but this number has increase over the years. The manufacture of innovative panels is being done to ensure the absorption of more sunlight.


The solar thermal collector, which is the other type of solar panels, has been used for many years in different forms. Added references on this are provided by the site at http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/solar+panel. This usually involves placing a body of water in a container to make sure that light energy is absorbed by the container by painting it black. This will heat up the water, which can be used for different purposes. Most people have forced solar heating in their homes where they run this hot water through pipes in the walls or floors. The hot water then radiates heat out and heats the air inside the home.

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